Cyber security training

Cyber security training for your organisation. What you don't know, you cant protect. Learn how to combat the latest latest techniques and protect your business.

ISO 27001 Audit

ISO 27001 certification provides a set of standards that are required to build and maintain a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) in an organization.

Governance, Risk & Controls

Does your organisation have the right Governance documentation to protect its assets, do you have an asset register, a definitive software library or a IT risk assessment. We can help you though the process of auditing your existing GRC or developing afresh.

Security testing

We plan of offer security testing soon.

ISO 27001 ISMS

A robust information security management system is core to the survival of any online business. How robust is your security documentation and does to match what your organisations current security posture?

News & Information

  • Be aware, be very aware...
    Phishing emails deliver spooky zombie-themed MirCop ransomware. It goes without saying that you should never get in a car with a stranger - yet 79% of us open an email from an unknown sender, and what percentage of us click on a hyperlink within the email..... A new phishing campaign has been circulating recently sends […]
  • UK Labour party hit by cyber attack.
    On October 29th the Labour party was informed by a ‘third party’ that “a significant quantity” of Party data had been rendered inaccessible. The Labour Party took immediate action and reported to relevant parties, including the NCA (National Crime Agency) and NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre). Under UK Data protection laws the Information Commissioners Office […]
  • Google Chrome is tricked in to delivering Win 10 Malware
    Researchers at security specialists Rapid7 have identified a UAC (User Access Control) bypass in Google Chrome which enables threat actors to escalate rights and execute Malware by visiting a compromised website. in a blog post published on 28 Oct, the attack chain is initiated when a Chrome browser user visits a malicious website and a “browser ad […]